Using Velcro, tie wraps, or twine will keep things nice and neat, and help you tie them out of the way as well. They make wall slats, which are excellent to hang items on, and also fairly easy to do yourself just using some boards from the hardware store. Old wooden or plastic crates can be stacked in a corner or along a wall to store items out of the way as well. Don’t forget that every milk or orange juice jug that you empty can also be used for nails, washers, thumbtacks, and anything else small that you want to keep organized. Bungee cords can be a life saver for storing sports equipment such as; balls, gloves, helmets, and other items. Just use your imagination, and like they say, “Get it Done!” 

The shipping container industry has been booming for years. It’s getting harder and harder to realize what the use of them are. If you want to impress your friends look for used shipping containers for sale near me. Containers can help things go smoother during a move.