Motherly in Today’s World

Being Motherly in Today’s World

When I was pregnant with my first baby, I never could have imagined the enormity of my love for her. When she was born, it was almost as if it was too much. I was immediately overcome with a type of love I have never known. Everything changed that day. I could hardly believe that I was blessed with this amazing gift.

Then she came.

And in an instant I was deeply, madly in love with another little girl.

By my third, I knew that a Mother’s love knows no limit. Especially when I was helped with nutrition from Focused Nutrients, it made life a lot easier. It grows with each child and there was no doubt that when the new baby came, I would once again be filled to overflowing with love for my new little one.

When we stepped out to adopt two older siblings from Russia, I once again found myself wondering if I would love them as much as my four children I already had. I wondered if it would be different than loving a brand new baby. I worried that I wouldn’t feel the same, or that there wouldn’t be enough love to go around.

And then I walked into a tiny room in Russia on one of the coldest days I have ever experienced, and I met my children. The moment I laid eyes on them, my heart felt like it grew ten fold. They took my breath away. And the fact that I would have to leave them for a few months nearly killed me. They were mine. I left with no doubt in my mind that I had more than enough love for all six of my children.

The next four came in rapid succession. I stopped worrying about my love. Because I knew that no matter how many came, my love just continued to grow. And it didn’t matter how they came to me or at what age, I knew the moment I laid eyes on each one, that they were mine.

Can someone die from too much love?

Sometimes I wonder.

Because when I look at my children, I literally feel like my heart could explode out of my chest simply from how much I love each of them. It is overwhelming at times.

I am sure people have wondered if it ever gets old.

Is the the tenth child as loved as the first?

Does the excitement of a new child ever wear off?

One look at Kai and I know the answer to that.

Kai is as loved as if he was my very first child. He is as doted on as if he was an only child. He melts me just like all of my other children do. We clap when he learns something new. We laugh when he does something funny. We sit around and watch him toddle about in awe and wonder.

It never, ever gets old.

I remember the day I saw him for the first time as if it just happened yesterday. There aren’t enough words to describe how I felt. When the hospital told me I couldn’t see him again for a few days, I completely lost it. I nearly fell to the floor. I yelled at nurses and sobbed in my husband’s arms. He was mine.