Back in the swing

I am having a terrible time getting back into the swing of things. I think my brain is still in vacation mode. The beach…. sleeping in late….eating my face off….

laughing with friends until well after midnight…swimming….watching movies…. the beach….dollar drafts….the beach…. family…..the beach……

{My Mama and I at our favorite outdoor local establishment right on the beach}

Oh and I got to meet a blog reader while I was there too! Hi Kelley! It was really great getting to meet you!!!! Dinner was so much fun!!

Why can’t vacation last forever?

So today we are back to hitting to books. Which all of my kids whined about. Yes, even homeschooled kids whine about school sometimes. I whined too. In my head. So they couldn’t hear me. Because sometimes Moms whine about school too.

And the sun apparently doesn’t shine where we live. It is grey. And cold. I miss the green grass, the blue blue skies, and the sun. I love the sun. I think I am one of those people who suffers from seasonal depression. I felt so much better down in the sun. And now being back here where it is full on winter…. well I can already tell I am down again.

The good news is that in just four weeks I will back in Florida. In Orlando with a bunch of crazy ladies who live very similar lives to myself. Without children. And minus the ten hour drive. {Thank GOD I am flying}

I am so stinkin excited about it. And scared if I am honest. {social anxiety sucks}

Margaritas. Hot tub. Sleeping in late. Laughing until I cry. Meeting some of my favorite bloggers. Eating my face off. Eating my face off. Eating my face off. Sleeping in late. Eating my face off.

And no little people to attend to.

I love my little people. But, I also love getting time off now and then. Which happens rarely. And is always much needed.

Did I metion I am getting a tatoo while I am there?

Well, I am.

And I am thinking of asking you to help me choose a design. And a location. I think a bunch of other women are getting one too. What can I say? We are crazy. RAD does that to you. It takes a completely sane women and turns her into a loon.

So in just four weeks, I will be back in the sun. And I can’t wait. I am bringing my camera, so I promise I will share all of the special and crazy moments with you.